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All posts for the month November, 2013

National Transgender Day of Remembrance: A day to remember who we have lost

Naitonal Transgender Day of Remembrance-Equality PA Virtual VigilToday is the National Transgender Day of Remembrance. Today is the day to remember transgender people who have been the victims of violence that often turns fatal. Today is also a day to stand up for everyone in our community and be sure that no one is left behind, no one is invisible. Continue reading.

Sen. Casey tells Speaker Boehner to Bring Bipartisan ENDA Bill up for a Vote in the House

Sen. Bob Casey is calling on Speaker Boehner allow the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to be voted on in the House of Representatives. See the press release and full letter here: Continue reading.

Congratulations to Equality PA Endorsed Candidates for Winning

It’s time to celebrate another victory (or should we say victories) for equality in Pennsylvania. Results are still coming in but we want to congratulate the following endorsed candidates on their well deserved wins: Continue reading.

Thank you Senator Toomey

The Employment Non-discrimination Act just passed the most important hurdle in the Senate with a yes vote from Senator Toomey.  Read his full statement of support below. Continue reading.

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The 29 Endorsed Candidates Represent Geographic Diversity, and Seven Identify as Members of the LGBT Community Continue reading.

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