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Don’t let the forward momentum be pushed back

At noon this Friday, January 20, Donald Trump will raise his right hand and take an oath to support all Americans.  Let’s hope he means it because so far his Cabinet picks represent the most anti-LGBTQ group of officials in American history.

As we face this critical presidential Inauguration Day on Friday, January 20, I am writing both to thank you for your past support of Equality Pennsylvania and ask you to step-up today and help us ensure that Donald Trump keeps his oath.  Your investment today will help protect what your previous gift already has supported — our work to keep LGBTQ Pennsylvanians safe.

In honor of Inauguration Day I am asking you to join our Equality Sustainers program.

Now, more than ever, the civil rights of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians are at great risk.  As the LGBTQ-friendly Obama Administration ends and the anti-LGBTQ Trump Administration begins we must ensure we have the resources to continue and expand the critical work Equality Pennsylvania does to protect and unite us all.

To become a member, simply click here and make a recurring gift of $10 or more.  

A donation of $10 a month equates to $120 for the year. This $120 on 1/20 marks the day and puts you on record too for taking an oath to keep LGBTQ Pennsylvanians safe.

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Thanks for all that you do!

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