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Gov. Tom Wolf : “Send me a bill. I want to sign it.”

Yesterday, Gov. Tom Wolf stopped by our #DiscriminationExists business networking breakfast in Harrisburg and he had a few interesting things to say about ending discrimination.

Gov. Wolf let the legislators know that, “Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, conservative or liberal, this stuff is smart. If you want a strong economy, you want strong businesses – fairness actually works.”

He went on to ask, “Why would we cut ourselves off from people just because of who they love?” Then, he asked legislators to pass a nondiscrimination bill because he wants to sign it. (Whoohoo! Thanks, Gov!)

That’s why we need to make sure that we build as much support as we can to get that bill to his desk. The Republican and Democratic co-prime sponsors are circulating the bills now to get co-sponsors before they are introduced.

Will you email your legislator and ask them to co-sponsor the nondiscrimination bills?

Let’s send those bills to Gov. Wolf’s desk and end legal discrimination in PA once and for all!

One of the most important ways that we can ensure that these bills make it to the finish line is to show broad and deep support. Last year we had a record number of co-sponsors on the nondiscrimination legislation, and we want to break that record this session.

Every contact you make with your legislator helps because we need them to know that we have their backs on this.

Email your legislators today here.

Thanks for all you do,

Ted Martin
Executive Director
Equality PA


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