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Using Social Media to Win!

Here at Equality PA we want to keep you updated on what is going on in PA on the frontlines of the fight for LGBT Equality. And we hope that you will participate in the online conversation about equality issues in our state over social media. Social media is one of our best tools for getting our message out there, but we want to be sure that we are using this tool to our best advantage.

Social media is an amazing tool for social change. We have the ability to communicate with entire communities, decision makers, and influential people and influence their decisions and even win their hearts and minds. However, sometimes the anonymity of social media can lead to discourse that does not embody the values we seek to advance. At Equality PA we believe our voices are best heard when approach everyone we encounter online with respect. That’s why we put together a statement of our values in communications and some best practices that we encourage all of our supporters to follow.

We want to begin by laying out our values and best practices when it comes to writing, blogging, social media, and commenting online.

Here’s our Values and Best Practices Statement:

Our Values

  • We seek to tell our own stories about our lives to bear witness to our experiences as a community. By telling our stories, we advocate for our own equality and for equality for everyone in our community.
  • As a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people we have common cause in our efforts to win full equality. However, we recognize that different members of our community experience inequality in different and disproportionate ways. That’s why we also work to value each other’s unique experiences and identities.
  • While we work toward equality, we understand that there are people who will disagree with us and even oppose us. We don’t expect all people to have the same beliefs, but we do expect that all people should be treated with respect. Therefore, we treat everyone respectfully, even those who do not agree with us.

Best Practices

Follow the golden rule.

  •     Treat others (online and offline) as you would want to be treated.

We do not descend into name-calling.

  • Using highly inflammatory language escalates conflict to a point where the people we need to reach simply stop listening. And calling anti-gay opponents “bigots” or “hateful” alienates those who are honestly wrestling with the issues. Instead of labeling other people, talk in emotionally compelling ways about how LGBT people and their families and loved ones are hurt by discrimination.

Remember content on the Internet can live forever.

  • Sometimes in a moment of anger, we are tempted to write things online that we would not say to a person in conversation. A good rule to follow there is: Don’t write something that you wouldn’t say in person. If you would be embarrassed if someone read what you wrote online back to you five years from now, maybe you should rethink how you want to express that thought. If you are looking for a better way to say something, feel free to join our Media Response Team to get regular guidance.
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