What We Do

At Equality Pennsylvania, we’re working to make Pennsylvania a more equal and inclusive state for LGBT people to live, work, and build a family.

We advocate for policy change at the municipal, state, and federal level. We organize grassroots supporters to engage in the political process. We educate the public about the experiences, values, and needs of LGBT people. We endorse candidates who are committed to being champions for equality.

Momentum for LGBT equality is building everyday, and at Equality Pennsylvania, we’re committed to harnessing that momentum to win meaningful policy victories right here in the commonwealth.

Our work is concentrated in six key areas:

Ending Discrimination
We’re advocating for a statewide law that protects LGBT people from discrimination at work and in our communities. Learn more.

Protecting Families
We’re working to win the freedom to marry for all committed couples so that we can finally join our neighbors in recognizing all loving families.

Building Safe Schools
We’re pushing for policies and practices that will ensure LGBT students – who are so often victims of bullying and harassment – are out, safe, and respected in school.

Advancing Transgender Rights
We’re advancing protections for transgender Pennsylvanians who continue to experience violence and discrimination at alarming rates.

Ensuring Racial Justice & Immigration Equality 
We’re committed to a broader social justice agenda that includes winning equality for people of color and immigrants.

Preventing Violence
We’re dedicated to ending the violence that LGBT Pennsylvanians continue to experience, simply because of who they are or who they love.

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